Proud History

Shark Marine Technologies Inc., an industry leader, developing and delivering new and innovative technologies.  Your underwater technology specialists since 1984.  Shark Marine's mandate is to deliver underwater products and services that are innovative, high quality, dependable and cost effective.  Shark Marine has delivered on that mandate and has gained global respect for its developments in undersea technology, the expertise it brings to on site operations, and the creative solutions it delivers to unusual and challenging applications.

Delivering Solutions

Recognized for its expertise and experience, Shark Marine is committed to providing its customers with the right equipment for their needs.  In addition to its own product lines, Shark Marine works closely with other industry leading suppliers to deliver complete integrated solutions for its customers.  Shark Marine's capabilities go well beyond its products and extend to a range of services. Shark Marine has a broad offering that includes the following:

Our Customers

It is with great pride that Shark Marine serves an ever growing customer base which includes commercial diving, scientific research, survey firms, film production companies, search and recovery organizations, and some of the most elite military and law enforcement agencies around the world.  Shark Marine continues to work closely with its customers, listen to their needs, and seek new and innovative solutions for the unique challenges each customer faces.