In order to better serve our customers around the globe Shark Marine Technologies Inc. maintains a network and resellers, capable of providing product information and pricing, arranging demonstrations, and in some cases servicing Shark Marine Equipment.  If you are unable to find a local representative in the list below please contact Shark Marine's sales department directly.


Britton Maritime Systems

Contact: Greg Mapson

Tel: (029) 668-9111

Email: gm@brittonmarine.com.au

Website: www.brittonmarine.com.au


Outer-Limits gmbh

Contact: Thomas Oswald

Tel: +43 664 1018089

Email: office@outer-limits.at

Website: www.outerlimits.au


Beijing OceanEco Technology Co. Ltd.

Contact: Alan Zhang

Tel: +8610-59713696

Email: 13611203907@163.com

Website: www.oceaneco.cn


Nippon Kaiyo Co., Ltd.

Contact: Naomi Tsukada

Tel: +81-3-3913-3448

Email: naomi.tsukada@n-kaiyo.com

Website: www.nipponkaiyo.co.jp

New Zealand

New Zealand Ocean Technology Ltd. (Military Sales)

Contact: Ron Tyson

Tel: +64 9 363 2906

Email: ron@nzot.co.nz

Website: www.nzot.co.nz



Contact: Anders Ansted

Tel: +66 (0)2 911 9996

Email: anders@teletrol-one.co.th

Website: www.teletrol1.com

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or distributor for Shark Marine please contact Shark Marine's sales department for an application.