Shark Marine's Sales Team

All of Shark Marine's sales team come from a technical background and have spent time working in the field performing various inspections, surveys, and ROV work.  They have learnt about the equipment by designing it, building it, and working with it in the field, Not reading information from a spec sheet.  This gives them understanding of the conditions our customers work in and allow them select the equipment that will work best for their application.

Jim Honey

Sales Manager

Phone:905 687 6672 Ex 21

Jim has been with Shark Marine since 2001.  Jim is a graduate of R.C.C., he has a background in computer systems sales and insulations.  Currently Jim concentrates on Government contracts but is always ready and willing to help all of our customers.

Mike Aitken

Dir. of Marketing / Sales

Phone:905 687 6672 Ex 33

Mike started as a student technician with Shark Marine in 2002.  He has worked his way up from Technician, to ROV pilot, Navigator Trainer and technical Sales.

Craig Mooney

Technical Sales Specialist

Phone:905 687 6672 Ex 32

Craig began his career at Shark Marine in 2006, after graduating from Niagara College Electrical Engineer Technician.  Craig showed his technical strength's and joined the sales team in 2012.  Craig now leads the team in ROV Sales and Training.

You can contact any one of our sales team at:

Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

23 Nihan Drive

St. Catharines, Ontario

Canada, L2N 1L2

1 (905) 687-6672