Navigator now available with Blueview, Sound Metrics, or Tritech Sonars

Shark Marine Technologies is pleased to announce that our Navigator series is now available with 3 different Forward Looking Sonar solutions, Teledyne Blueview’s Proviewer line, Tritech’s Gemini and Sound Metrics’ Aris. 

The addition of the Tritech and Sound Metrics sonars goes along with the Navigators initial design philosophy, that no single configuration is perfect for every job.  This has been a key design aspect for the Navigator over the past 12 years, working with our customers and creating a modular system with the ability to be configured for the task at hand, whatever it may be. 

BlueView M900/2250 at 3 meter (9.8 foot) Range.

The Teledyne Blueview Sonars have been the standard forward looking sonars available on the Navigator since its early models.  The Proviewer series offers a sonar for every application, 450 kHz units for long range searches (300 meters (984 feet)), 900 kHz for medium range (100 meters (328 feet)) and a dual frequency unit that provides 900 kHz for medium range searches and 2250 kHz  for short range (10 meters (33 feet)) inspections and target identification.

Tritech Gemini 720 at 3 meter (9.8 foot) Range.

At 750 kHz the tritech Gemini is well suited for medium to long range searches (150 meters (492 feet)).  The wide even image of the Gemini allows this sonar to make very clean mosaicks.  Its small size also make it a perfect fit for Shark Marine’s Navigator DT2 system.

Sound Metrics Aris at 3 meter (9.8 foot) Range.

The Sound Metrics Aris sonar is a dual frequency unit that provides extremely high resolution imagery at short range (5 meters (16 feet) @ 3000 kHz and 15 meters (50 feet) @ 1800 kHz) well suited for detailed inspections or target identification.

Targets used for Sonar Tests

Integration with Shark Marine’s DiveLog software adds full geo referencing to these sonars, as well as many other advanced features such as target management, coverage mapping, report generation and mosaicking.


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