Mako: Diver Delivery System

The MAKO DDS Marks a New Evolution in Diver Transportation by Combining a Propulsion Device with the Shark Marine “Navigator”, Diver Held Navigation and Sonar Imaging System. The Combination Provides a System that is Capable of Automated Flight Paths, From a Simple “Goto Target” to Complex Survey Routes, While Providing the Diver with full Navigation and Forward Looking Sonar to View and Locate Targets up to 300m (984ft ) Away.

* The MAKO can be flown in Manual, Semi-Autonomous and Full Autonomous Modes.
* Unlike Standard Diver Propulsion Vehicles The MAKO uses Vertical Thrusters that Allow it to Adjust Its Pitch / Roll and Maintain Depth While Stationary


  • Diver Delivery/Extraction
  • Covert/Clandestine Diver Delivery/Extraction
  • Payload Delivery
  • Data acquisition/hydrographic surveys
  • Search and Recovery


Modes of Operation

Manual, Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous

Axis of Movement


Intelligent Navigation Features

Route Following (waypoint, target, and survey routes)
Station Keeping Auto Depth / Altitude
Goto Target (with user defined standoff distance)

Number of Divers

1-2 Onboard, up to 4 Towed Behind

Depth Rating

50m (164.0ft)


(LxWxH) 1.86x1.25x.72m (6x4x2.4ft)

Weights (dry); MAKO DDS (less batteries & Navigator)

87kg (192.0lbs)*

Weights (dry); Battery Pod Only

12.7kg (28.0lbs) - neutrally bouyant

Forward Thrust

26.8kg (59.2lbs) Total Forward

Maximum Forward Speed


Range at Full Power Draw (full set of batteries)

14 km***

Battery Chemistry


Battery Monitoring Electronics


Battery Status Display

Faceplate LEDs

Depth Sensor Range

0 to 100m (+/-.1m), 0 to 328ft (+/- .3ft)

Leak Sensor



Folding GPS Mast

Option - Mast GPSThe Folding GPS Mast allows the MAKO to obtain a GPS fix while operating just under the surface.

Battery Pods

BatteryThe MAKO uses Hot-Swappable, Neutrally Bouyant Battery Pods. The Batteries are 48 VDC NiMH. Each battery pair will run the MAKO for up to 70 minutes @ 2 kts depending on attached equipment. The MAKO can carry 4 pods internally and 2 pods mounted on the external frame. Battery life will increase greatly at lower speeds.

Battery Pod Mounts

Option - Battery MountsThese Mounts are required to attach MAKO Battery Pods to the exterior frame, Sold as a pair.


Option - WheelThese Wheels quickly attach / detach from the MAKO’s frame making easier to move while on land.

Shipping Container

Aluminum shipping crate designed to ship or store the MAKO DDS.

LED Lights

A 6 LED Lighting Kit for the MAKO DDS designed to reduce backscatter.

Notes / Disclaimer

*Buoyancy approximately neutral in water, adjustable with ballast weights.
**Batteries can be hot swapped under-water, additional batteries can be carried or placed along route.
***Range and battery duration will increase at lower thrust.