Dive Tablet 2:

DIVE TABLET 2, our second generation of this product, is an affordable solution for anyone that requires accurate underwater positioning.  Using advanced dead reckoning, GPS, DNS, or USBL, DIVE TABLET 2 allows operators to map underwater habitats, document archaeological sites, take geo-referenced photos and video, or accurately navigate underwater.

DIVE TABLET 2’s small size and rugged construction makes it a good fit for use on RHIBs and other surface vessels where it can be used for navigation, or to track and communicate with divers using the Sub-NET system.

Shark Marine’s DiveLog software provides a user friendly, intuitive interface managing all of the sensors and data, freeing the diver to focus on the dive.


  • Underwater Navigation and Mapping
  • Rugged Topside Computer
  • Vessel Navigation
  • SAR Operations
  • Rapid Beach Profiling
  • Track / Communicate with Divers using Shark Marine’s Sub-NET
  • Evidence Documentation
  • Coral Research
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Habitat Mapping
  • 3D Photogrammetry
  • Geo-Referenced Photography




32.76cm (12.9") x 21cm (8.27") x 9.57cm (3.77")


3.21kg (6.8 lbs.) Dry, 0.57kg (1.2 lbs.) in sea water


Internal Battery: up to 3 hours

optional hot-swappable external batteries: up to 20 hours


Floating GPS

t2-fgpsThe Floating GPS provides positioning when the Navigator or Dive Tablet is close to the surface. When the diver is at depth, a 25 meter extension kit can be used to send the floating GPS to the surface for a position fix. When used in conjunction with the Doppler Navigation System, the floating GPS can be periodically deployed to the surface to remove any accumulated error for long range covert operations.

Motion Reference Unit

The Extended MRU option provides the Navigator or Dive Tablet with a more accurate compass and full 360 degree pitch and roll orientation data. Highly recommended for use on the Navigator with forward-looking sonars and the Doppler Navigation System for more accurate positioning.


Sub-NET is an underwater communications system that allows multiple Navigators or Dive Tablets to communicate with one another, or to surface vessels and other assets. Sub-NET also allows connected Navigators / Assets, to share their locations with one another, as well as send target data or waypoints.

Doppler Navigation System (DNS)

tablet-2-with-dns-smThe Doppler Navigation System tracks the divers movement over the sea floor.  As a result it does not require a satellite fix or base stations once its initial position has been set.  

Forward Looking Sonar (FLS)

When equipped with a Forward Looking Sonar, the Dive Tablet allows divers to see up to 150 meters (492’) in front of them. The Sonar mount allows it to be set to a 0° or 30° position, or fold out of the way beneath the tablet when not in use.

The Sonar can be used for situation awareness, hull / infrastructure inspection, or be used to provide the tablet with a position using a known target or feature (buoy, outcropping, dock etc.). The sonar is able to be run continuously or by sending one ping out to map an area, reducing the chance to detect the system.

Sonar Type: Tritech Gemini
Frequency: 750kHz
Range Max: 150 m (492′)

Forward Looking Sonar, and Doppler Navigation System

The modular nature of the Dive Tablet allows it to be used with many different accessories, or mounted to various platforms. The combination of the FLS and DNS allows the diver to navigate covertly below the surface with the DNS and provides greater situational awareness with the Sonar. This configuration is also ideal for Search and Recovery operations, ship hull inspection and port security.

Sonar Altimeter

The Sonar Altimeter is used to gather bathymetric data or for profiling a beach. The Sonar Altimeter can also be used with the pole mounted forward-looking sonar to aid in calculating the depth of a target.