Barracuda: ROV

Designed for speed and power, the Barracuda is very capable in high current applications.  Constructed using high-tech plastics, anodized aluminum and syntactic foam, it is small and maneuverable. It is also large enough to support the easy addition of mission specific accessories (e.g. sonar and video systems). All accessories fit inside the frame to avoid entanglement issues. The built in Total Navigation System, and DiveLog software, give the it full geodetic positioning and autonomous capabilities.


  • Search and Recovery
  • EOD
  • Ship Hull Inspection
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Light-Duty Intervention
    Excels in the above applications in strong current environments




87.7 cm x 53 cm x 31 cm (34.5” x 20.875” x 12.21”)


39 kg (86 lbs)

Power In

220-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz, Draw scalable in software 2000-7200 Watts


2x Horizontal, 2x Transversal

Forward Thrust: 36.3 kg (80 lb)

Depth Rating

300 m (1000 ft) (deeper options available)


2x Shark Marine Aurora LED lights: 3700 lumens (additional lighting optional)


SD/HD Cameras, Digital Still Cameras, Laser Scaling System, Recovery Reels, Electric Manipulators, Launch and Recover Systems, USBL Positioning, Multi-Beam Imaging Sonar, Scanning Sonar, Radiation Detectors


Forward Looking Sonar

Option - Forward Looking SonarShark Marine’s ROVs can be equipped with various Forward Looking Sonars such as the Blueview P and M series in 450, 900 and 2250 kHz frequencies for ranges up to 300 meters. These sonars allow ROV operators to see in zero visibility as well as take accurate measurements.

(details here)

Scanning Sonar

Option - Scanning SonarScanning sonar provides ROV pilots with a 360° view of their surroundings. These Sonars take time to complete a full scan so are best used when stationary. Scanning Sonar can also be used to gather very accurate measurements or profiles of pipelines.

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Tether Management / LARS

Option - Tether ManagementShark Marine manufactures various tether management systems for use with their ROVs. These systems can be powered or manually operated, and can be equipped with level wind systems and cable encoders.

Shark Marine has also produced larger launch and recovery systems that can also be based on a standard iso shipping platform.

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Manipulator Arms

Option - ManipulatorShark Marine’s ROVs can be equipped with a wide variety manipulator arms such as:

  • Single Function Electric (Jaw Only)
  • Dual Function Electric (Wrist and Jaw)

Recovery Hook

Option - Recovery HookRecovery Hooks are designed to be attached to an object and released from the rov, allowing the object to be pulled to the surface using a line. The recovery hook can also be used to attach a float or marker to an object.

Scaling Lasers

Option - Scaling LasersScaling Lasers can be attached to Shark Marine’s ROVs at a known, fixed distance to give operators a sense of an objects size when viewing it through the ROVs cameras.

Total Navigation System

Options - Total Navigation SystemShark Marine’s Total Navigation Systems uses GPS, Doppler Navigation systems, and optionally Long Base Line Systems to provide their ROV’s with full Geodetic positioning. This allows Our ROVs to operate in autonomous modes, map their sonar and video coverage and mark target positions accurately.

Pro-Stick Controller

Option - Pro-StickThe Pro-Stick is a higher precision controller for Shark Marines ROVs. The Pro-Stick also has enough buttons / switches to manage the ROVs accessories and autonomous functions.


Shark Marine’s ROVs are designed to operate off of 220/240 50/60Hz. Transformers are available in the event a customer requires operation off of a 120 VAC supply.

Metal Thickness Gauge

Shark Marine’s ROVs can be equipped with Metal Thickness Gauges, typically those manufactured by Cygnus. These Gauges can be held in the ROVs manipulator or mounted to the ROVs frame.


Oprion - Nav-RadThe Shark Marine Radiation Detector is a plug and play unit designed to detect Gamma radiation underwater.