Shark Marine Splashing Down with NEEMO 22 June 18th

 NEEMO is “NASA’s Extreme Environment Missions Operations”.  On June 18th, 2017 4 Aquanauts and 2 Habitat technicians will descend to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean almost 6 km of the Florida Keys for a 10 day long analog mission with similar objectives to that of the exploration of Mars.  These missions allow the Aquanauts to live and work in an inhospitable environment where they conduct simulated spacewalks (EVA) to collect and perform scientific exploration and to test tools and procedures that could be used in future space missions.  Their accommodations for the mission will be the Aquarius Habitat owned and operated by Florida International University


Shark Marine Technologies Inc.  has been privileged to participate in NEEMO projects since 2014.  Over that time Shark Marine has supplied equipment for Navigation and Diver Transport to assist in the NEEMO operations.  Living underwater on the ocean floor simulates living in a spacecraft in a hostile and alien environment.  By changing the Aquanaut weighting it is possible to change the simulated gravity from Asteroids to Moons to Mars. 

Mako Diver

Shark Marine equipment used over the last 5 missions include the Navigator and Dive Tablet with our Doppler Navigation System (DNS) for Navigation underwater while swimming and walking on the bottom, Our Mako Diver Delivery System (DDS) and our EagleRay for diver and equipment transport.


On NEEMO 22 Shark Marine will be providing our Dive Tablet with DNS for crew navigation and our SubNET underwater communication system to provide navigation data from the Aquanauts back to the Aquarius habitat and then back to the Mission Control Center (MCC) back on shore.  In addition the Shark Marine Barracuda Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) has been modified to provide Robotic Assistance by adding wheels and up to 3 trailers for scientific equipment.






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