About Us

Shark Marine

You’ve heard it all before, a guy in a garage with an idea and passion. Yes, that’s pretty much how it started at Shark Marine Technologies.  Since 1984 Shark Marine has lead manufacturers in the sector of Underwater Photographic Equipment.  The first to put a portable camera on a diver’s helmet, it soon became an industry standard.  The first to make a Remote Vehicle that was modular and easy to adapt in the field to changing requirements. 

Shark Marine Technologies has always played well with others and the proof of that is the respect from others in the industry and their willingness, to work with Shark Marine’s engineers, to integrate sonars and other systems to be used with Shark Marine’s products. Through our successful industry collaboration Shark Marine has lead the way in the development of products for Diver Held Navigation Systems, innovative technologies for diver delivery systems and remote vehicles.  

Shark Marine now boast customers on all continents, and oceans, proudly supplying in excess of sixteen Navies, international Marine forces, law enforcement, scientists, commercial divers and more.

To learn more about Shark Marine’s full line of products read on, come back often and by the way, we still use that old technology, the telephone. We would love to hear from you.