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  In March of 1953 a team of Canadian engineers began work on what would be the fastest and most advanced aircraft of its time.  This aircraft was being designed to a RCAF requirement for an all-weather interceptor capable of travelling at Mach 1.5 at 50,000 ft, specifications that were deemed impossible by most manufacturers …

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Shark Marine Splashing Down with NEEMO 22 June 18th

 NEEMO is “NASA’s Extreme Environment Missions Operations”.  On June 18th, 2017 4 Aquanauts and 2 Habitat technicians will descend to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean almost 6 km of the Florida Keys for a 10 day long analog mission with similar objectives to that of the exploration of Mars.  These missions allow the Aquanauts …

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SCRIPPS institution of OCEANOGRAPHY procures advanced ROV technology from Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

SCRIPPS institution of OCEANOGRAPHY, one of the United States most technically advanced, and highly regarded oceanic research institutions, strategically placed on the beautiful and active southwestern coast of the United States, has recently acquired the Shark Marine “Barracuda” ROV.  The Barracuda will be used in conjunction with the Shark Marine “Navigator”, procured by the institute …

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