PRO-MAG: Magnetometer

Shark Marine introduces the PRO-MAG, an Overhauser output with a noise level that’s on par with optically pumped magnetometers, and is more sensitive than standard proton Mags.  When installed on the Navigator Sonar Imaging and Navigation System the PRO-MAG becomes the ultimate search instrument for the location of ferrous materials buried or proud on bottom.


  • High sensitivity and accuracy
  • Mounts to Navigator base for quick and easy deployment
  • User friendly DiveLog display


  • Discarded Weapons Searches
  • EOR / EOD Operations
  • Archeology
  • Pipeline Locating



82 cm x 7.3 cm dia (32” x 2.875” dia)


3,2 kg (7 lbs) – Neutral in water

Power In

6.5 – 15 VDC, 0.4 W

Operation Temp

-45 - 60 C (-49 - 140 F)

Absolute Accuracy

0.1 nT

Sensor Resolution

0.001 nT