DiveLog: Software

DiveLog is the heart of many of Shark Marine’s product lines.  It integrates mission planning, post processing, report generation, navigation, sonar control, video control, communications and vehicle control into one simple to use intuitive software.  Until DiveLogs introduction operators would have to master a different software for each piece of equipment or task, greatly increasing the complexity and chance of human error, or missing data.

One software to simplify the interface to a wide range of hardware and sensors:

  • Diver Held Systems (Navigator, Dive Tablet)
  • ROVs (Seawolf, Stealth, Barracuda)
  • Diver Delivery Systems (Mako, Eagle Ray)
  • Sonar Systems
    • Forward Looking Sonar
    • Sidescan Sonars
    • Scanning Sonars
    • Single Point Sonar
    • Multibeam Profiling
  • Magnetometers
  • Video Systems
  • Communication systems
  • Wired (subsea and surface)
  • Wireless (subsea and surface)
  • Wide range of sensor platforms

Data acquisition, playback, planning, mission and data management:

  • Display and record data from any number of devices simultaneously
  • Review all data recorded data with complete geodetic referencing
  • Plan missions/operations
  • Automatically generate reports

Feature sets to support applications in:

  • Military
    • MCM (Mine Counter Measures)
    • EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal)
    • SAR (Search and Recovery)
    • Clandestine Operations
  • Scientific
    • Bathymetric data collection
    • Observation
    • Education
  • Commercial
    • Structural Inspection
    • Surveys

Designed to be easy to use:

  • Simplifies the use of the range of supported sophisticated technologies
  • Simple enough for a people new to the underwater industry and advanced enough for top industry experts.