Camera Umbilical: Video Systems

Underwater cables are often left as an afterthought, but they are an integral of any video system. Shark Marines cables are built to take the constant abuse that commercial divers can inflict upon them. The standard cable for camera and lighting is 3/8″ (10mm) in diameter, weighs 2 lbs per 100 feet (in water), a 1000 lb breaking strength, and one of the most abrasion resistant jackets available today.  The quality of this cable is second to none.


  • Small diameter
  • Rugged, abrasion resistant
  • Yellow jacket


Cable OD

.375” +/- 0.020”


nominal 0.060” thickness, Yellow polyurethane


7 x #20 AWG conductors and 1 x RG-179 coaxial

Breaking Strength Member

Aramid Fiber, nominal 1000 lbs. breaking strength